MySierraCloud is a unique cloud storage product that combines the latest cloud technology with secure backup.

Secure Backup

Our cloud offers on-demand control of your documents, files, music, videos, presentations—essentially anything stored on your computer.

Our servers are hosted in a secure location with redundant power and cooling to keep your data safe. At Sierra Corporation, we believe everyone deserves secure files.

We designed MySierraCloud so it can be utilized by small and large businesses, students, and any individual who wishes to safely back up their important files.

Access Your Files Anywhere

Sierra's web portal allows you to access your files from anywhere you can attain an internet connection.

Your files and data are updated constantly as you sync your computer, and vice versa. The cloud also gives you the option to connect to Sierra's private network, and in turn, connect to your files. MySierraCloud is a versatile, secure way to stay in touch with what you need most.

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