MySierraCloud—Security & Backups

Sierra is dedicated to making sure data security is a priority at all times for our clients.  In order to make sure your data is secure, Sierra has implemented multiple redundancies, backup solutions, and failover solutions.  Equipment and servers are located within our office—not a third party location.  Our facility has uninterrupted power supplies, as well as natural gas generators.  Only our employees have access to our servers—many of which you may already know through our other IT services.

Other cloud providers use shared internet connections to move data from your computer to their servers.  That same shared connection is used for multiple services such as email, VOIP, remote access, and other services, which can create vulnerability and slow connectivity.  At Sierra we use dedicated internet connections that are only used for Sierra Cloud.  This provides more security and bandwidth stability.  This connection is not shared with a third party—hence, your data goes directly from your computer to Sierra’s server.

Your data will be safely secured in Sierra’s servers and will be constantly monitored with quality service by Sierra Corporation. 


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