About MySierraCloud

MySierraCloud is a unique cloud computing product that combines all of the cloud’s newest technologies.  Our cloud offers an on-demand control of your documents, files, music, videos, presentations—essentially anything stored on your computer.  This service can be utilized by small and large businesses, students, and any individual who wishes to make sure their data is safe, protected, and easily accessible.  We make sure that your cloud is created with the specifications that best fit your needs.

In order to create your perfect cloud, we use Cloud Sync, web portal, and/or Virtual Hardware.  Cloud Sync uses Sierra Corporation’s MySierraCloud application.  The application is downloaded onto the client’s computer and is set to the appropriate settings (determined by the client’s specifications).  Once downloaded and personalized, the program will automatically sync your computer on determined time intervals, creating backups.  These backups are stored on Sierra’s secure servers and can be accessed anywhere.  The cloud user can personalize the settings of the backup in a way that is most convenient to them.  For example, a user can determine how many backup versions they would like, how often they would like their data to sync, and even whether they want to be warned if their computer has not completed its scheduled sync!  So if you make changes to a document and a couple days later decide you’d rather have the old original, you can contact Sierra, request the old version and have it back on your computer in seconds!

Sierra’s web portal allows you to access your files from anywhere you can attain internet connection.  Your files and data are updated constantly as you sync your computer, and vice versa.  So if you change a file using the web portal, you will see the change on your computer too!  The cloud also gives you the option to connect to Sierra’s network, and in turn, connect to your files.  MySierraCloud is a versatile, secure way to stay in touch with what you need most. 

MySierraCloud is a subsidiary of Sierra Corporation—a company you can trust. 


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